Newmont Mines

Low-Pressure Insulated Inflatable Isolation Barrier

Low-Pressure Insulated Inflatable Isolation Barriers sequester specific areas and protect workers and the surrounding areas during maintenance and repairs.

Back Ground

Newmont Mines
Lihir Island, Papa New Guinea

The Tanami mine, a testament to the mining industry’s adaptability, began as an open pit operation in 1983. It has since transformed into one of Australia’s most significant underground mines and is constructing a 1.5 km deep production shaft. Located 540 kilometres northwest of Alice Springs in the remote Tanami Desert, it operates in one of Australia’s most remote locations as a fly-in-fly-out operation. Its closest neighbour is the remote Aboriginal community of Yuendumu, 270 km away.


The mine’s project engineers required a quick turnaround for a custom-fabricated square inflatable isolation bulkhead to be used during the mine’s maintenance project. The temporary bulkhead was to be placed in a 2.3-meter square horizontal shaft to protect both sides from dust and particles.

Giant Inflatables Industrial presented two potential solutions. While a 300 mm thick Matrix Web Wall was initially considered for its rigidity and faster turnaround time, the project engineers made a strategic decision to opt for a 750 mm thick, pin-baffled inflatable isolation bulkhead. This choice was based on its higher stability without tethering and the additional advantage of its relatively small size when deflated, making it easy to transport and store when not in use.

The unit was delivered in under a month to the remote mine in Tanami.

Inflatable isolation bulkhead
Inflatable Duct Cushion

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