Flood Protection

Our water filled flood protection systems are water filled bladders designed to provide temporary flood defence. Flood badders are deployed quickly and filled with water.

Our flexible barriers are fabricated using PVC, polyurethane or rubber-coated fabrics, designed to withstand floodwaters’ force. When strategically placed around buildings, infrastructure, and communities, they protect from flooding.

The advantage of our flood protection systems is their portability and ease of deployment. They require little space when stored as part of an emergency flood redundancy plan [Link] and are quickly transported to the flood site and inflated within hours. These qualities make flood badders ideal for use in areas where permanent flood protection measures are impractical.

Protection of property: Inflatable flood barriers can protect individual properties, such as homes or businesses, and critical infrastructure from floodwaters.

Protection of entire neighbourhoods: Inflatable flood barriers can protect communities from flooding and mitigate damage.

Protection of critical public utilities: The temporary water-filled barriers can be placed around essential utilities such as water treatment plants, power substations or telecommunication posts.

Protection of critical social and administrative infrastructure: Flood barriers protect critical infrastructure like hospitals, airports, and government buildings.

Environmental spills: Inflatable flood barriers can be part of emergency response efforts during flood events or chemical spills. They are quickly transported to the affected site and deployed to protect property and infrastructure, mitigating environmental contamination.

Creation of Temporary Cofferdams: Inflatable flood barriers can create a dry work area in a body of water, such as a river, lake, or ocean. (See more on cofferdams [Link])

Characteristics of our water filled flood protection system

Our flood protection systems consist of water-inflated tubes that form a continuous protective flood barrier.

Expandable: Our flood protection systems are compact in storage and easy to transport.

Water-filled: Filled with water, which is generally abundant during flood circumstances, our flood protection systems provide the weight and stability necessary, making them less likely to be displaced by floodwater.

Flexible: Inflatable water-filled flood protection devices can be easily shaped to fit uneven terrain.

Modular and scalable: The devices are modular, and their deployment cans be dispatched to the required scale depending on the predictable resources needed in a particular area.

Water filled flood protection systems as part of your emergency preparedness program

We can consult communities and national emergency organisations in developing a comprehensive redundancy program incorporating our storable flood protection systems.

Additional Information

Water filled water bladders serve as practical flood protection barriers, offering a versatile and reliable solution to safeguard against rising water levels. These innovative barriers are designed to deploy rapidly and can be quickly filled with water, enabling quick installation and flexibility in various locations.

The water-filled bladders act as a sturdy barricade, effectively diverting and containing floodwaters to prevent property damage and protect lives.

Their modular design allows for easy scalability, making them suitable for small-scale and large-scale flood mitigation projects. With their robust construction and ability to conform to different terrains, water-filled water bladders are a valuable tool in enhancing community resilience and minimizing the devastating impacts of floods.