High-Pressure Isolation Plugs

High-pressure isolation plugs are specialized devices designed to create a secure seal and isolate sections of piping or equipment subjected to high pressure.

High-pressure isolation plugs, also known as pressure test plugs or pipe isolation plugs, are devices used to seal and isolate sections of pipe lines under high pressure. 

The versatility and reliability of high-pressure isolation plugs make them indispensable tools in ensuring safety and operational integrity in high-pressure systems.They are used in various industries to ensure safe and efficient maintenance, repairs, and testing procedures.

Uses for High-pressure Plugs

Our range of multi-size inflatable high-pressure pipe plugs is suited to pipes from 250 mm to 1800 mm diameter and withstand back pressure of up to 12m.

Kevlar reinforced

All our inflatable multi-sized plugs have a superior plug surface pattern for blocking pipes with higher pressures. Using a Kevlar reinforced rubber compound, they exhibit suitable length, low weight, and excellent sealing ability.

They are all fitted with non-corrosive components and are guaranteed safe when working within their recommended range. 

Multi-size plugs are stretchable; therefore, only a few models are required to cover pipelines of different diameters.

High-pressure bypass plugs

These inflatable plugs allow fluid to flow through once inserted. Bypass plugs can be installed when the pipe’s back pressure exists and sealed once the plug is locked in place.

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High Pressure Isolation Plug Catalogue

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High-Pressure Bypass Plug

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