Temporary Blasting Shelters

Inflatable temporary abrasive blasting shelters provide a practical and cost-effective solution for industrial maintenance and repairs.
All power-generating companies must clean dust and soot, which impedes the power turbines' efficiency.

Temporary Abrasive Blasting Shelters

Our temporary inflatable abrasive blasting shelters provide a practical and cost-effective solution for industrial maintenance and repairs, eliminating the need for large permanent buildings. These shelters offer a controlled and safe environment, featuring a sturdy frame and reinforced walls that can withstand the force and abrasion generated during abrasive blasting and other industrial operations. 

By containing contaminants within the shelters and protecting workers from external elements, our shelters prioritize safety and efficiency.

With extensive experience in industries such as mines, refineries, and power stations, we understand the specific needs and challenges of periodic maintenance tasks. Our tailored solutions are designed to withstand harsh environments and offer cost-effective temporary shelter options. We utilize high-quality industrial-grade materials that are resilient, weather-resistant, and durable, ensuring the longevity and safety of our inflatable shelters.
Inflatable Temporary Shelter

An airframe shelter can be set up and taken down within hours

Designed for efficiency

The design of our temporary inflatable abrasive blasting shelters emphasizes ease of use, enabling quick setup and dismantling by minimal staff with little or no specialized skills. User-friendly features and intuitive mechanisms streamline the installation and takedown process, saving time and resources. 

Our commitment to providing seamless delivery is reflected in our presence throughout the entire process, offering prompt assistance and support whenever needed.

Your partner in temporary inflatable shelters

We prioritize open communication channels and responsive customer service to address any concerns or issues promptly and efficiently. Our dedication to providing a smooth and reliable experience underscores our commitment to client satisfaction. 

As an Australian company based in Melbourne, we take pride in delivering high-quality temporary shelters and ensuring a seamless experience for our valued clients.

Temporary Blasting Shelter

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