Industrial Lifting Bags and Cushions

Lifting bags and cushions are pneumatic systems used to lift and position heavy machinery eliminating the need for additional cranes and heavy equipment.
Industrial Inflatable Lifting Bags
Industrial lifting bags and cushions have become indispensable tools in various industrial sectors, reimagining heavy lifting and material handling processes. Lifting bags, also known as airbags, employ compressed air to exert force and lift heavy objects, enabling safe and controlled maneuvers. The versatility of airbags allows for precise positioning, making them ideal for moving heavy machinery and manoeuvring and stabilising cumbersome objects.

Inflatables, such as airbags or lifting cushions, are strategically placed beneath the machinery, and upon inflation, they create a sturdy and reliable lifting force.

Custom Engineered Industrial Lifting Bags and Cushions

Standard high-pressure lifting bags often do not safely adapt to the lifting job needed. Giant Inflatable Industrial has 25 years of experience engineering custom lifting bags for various uses and working environments. Our engineers can find your ideal solution based on your specific lifting needs. Once the design is established, the fabrication team will ensure your lifting bag is constructed of the most robust, commercial-grade materials to serve your lifting needs for years.

Lifting Wedge designed for Bushmans water tanks. When the operator inflated the wedge, the tank was lifted in a position to slide off the low-bed truck. 

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Industrial Lifting Bags and Cushions are used in a wide variety of industrial sectors.

Construction Industry: Lifting bags are commonly used for lifting and positioning heavy building materials, concrete panels, and structural components.

Maritime Industry: Lifting bags are utilised in maritime operations for salvage operations, underwater construction, and ship maintenance, allowing for the safe lifting and repositioning of submerged objects or vessels.

Oil and Gas Industry: Lifting bags are crucial in offshore platform installation, pipeline maintenance, and underwater equipment handling in the oil and gas sector.

Mining Industry: Lifting bags are employed in mining operations for lifting and shifting heavy mining equipment, conveyor belts, and excavator components.

Manufacturing Industry: Lifting bags find application in the manufacturing sector for tasks like moving heavy machinery, positioning moulds, and transporting large and fragile products.

Aerospace Industry: Lifting bags are used in the aerospace sector for aircraft maintenance, allowing for the controlled lifting and positioning of aircraft parts during repairs or inspections.

Emergency Services: Lifting bags are utilised by emergency services such as fire departments and rescue teams for vehicle extrication and lifting heavy debris during search and rescue operations.

Bridge and Infrastructure Construction: Lifting bags are employed to construct and maintain bridges and infrastructure to lift and position heavy bridge beams, girders, and other components.

High-pressure Lifting Bags

High-pressure lifting bags are used for lifting the heaviest loads. High-pressure lifting bags exert maximum force in a concentrated area, making them ideal when lifting rigid structures in tight places. Their unique structure also allows use in load shifting, heavy truck or aircraft recovery and different moving situations.

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Lifting Bags and Cushions

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The team at GII designed an inflatable lifting wedge.

Inflatable Water Tank Lifting Bag

The team at GII designed an inflatable lifting bag. The operator tilts the tanks onto their sides and the low-bed truck during loading through inflation and adjusting the air volume of the lifting bag.

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