Industrial Inflatable Case Studies

Giant Inflatables Industrial has been finding simple inflatable industrial solutions for over two decades.
Giant Inflatables Industrials Plug Up serves as an inflatable ventilation shaft plug and provides a simple, cost-effective solution to a complex problem in the mining sector.
Inflatable isolation bulkheads are used in the mining, energy production and manufacturing sectors to sequester portions of ventilation ducts and chimneys during maintenance and remediation procedures.
Inflatable insulated isolation barriers sequester specific areas and protect workers and the surrounding areas during maintenance and repairs.
Inflatable forms have many advantages over traditional forms and shuttering systems, especially considering weight, flexibility and storage.
The drop stitch matrix web lifting cushion makes getting in and out of the beach wheelchair easier and safer.
Giant Inflatables Industrial designs inflatable matrix web-constructed airbags to test the flexural stiffness and strength of a transport pallet.
A fall arrest soft landing deck allows workers to carry out their repairs and maintenance work safely and confidently.
A Storm Drain Environmental Protection System can prevent environmental damage caused by chemical spills leaking into the drainage systems.
An inflatable hopper plug “or carrot” is used to facilitate the flow of sugar during shipping events.
This winery has a series of open-air wine vats. During the non-harvest season, this void former protects the workers from falling and prevents objects from entering the vat.
Debris and equipment fall protection can be ensured with the use of inflatable isolation plugs during maintenance and repairs.
The patented Dhome Emergency Shelter is ideal for temporary housing, glamping, outdoor festivals, exhibitions, and mobile military and medical use.
The isolation duct cushion ensured that if there were any faults with the stack damper, the inflatable duct barrier would prevent downdrafts.
Hall Earth Moving required an inflatable aquatic safety barrier to protect men deploying and welding the liner against entry into the tailings water during construction.
An inflatable void former has substantially reduced the semi-mobile mining unit plant’s ongoing labour and operational costs.
QGAir required a mobile abrasive blasting shelter to perform blasting maintenance operations in their hanger and be able to remove the shelter once the maintenance work was complete.
The double block and bleed system is commonly used for isolating power station ducts and ventilation systems during maintenance and repairs.
The team at GII designed an inflatable lifting bag. The operator tilts the tanks onto their sides and the low-bed truck during loading through inflation and adjusting the air volume of the lifting bag.
Portable Inflatable Sterilisation Shelter is a permanent part of Total Viniculture Solutions’s harvesting protocol.
Origin Energy saves person-hours and creates a safer working environment with an inflatable temporary blasting shelter.
The Service Operation Team at Siemens approached Giant Inflatables Industrial to custom design a Portable Abrasive Blasting Shelter.
Cubic Defence approached Giant Inflatables Industrial to manufacture an inflatable temporary workshop to fit equipment to military personnel and vehicles in all weather conditions.

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