Inflatable Fall Arrest Soft Landing

Giant Inflatables Industrial makes several different types of inflatable fall arrest soft landing decks and cushions that protect workers from injury when falling from height.

Hybrid Void Former and Inflatable Deck

Extreme Height Fall Decks

Soft Landing Deck

Minimizing the risk of injury from a fall

A personnel fall protection system is essential in any work environment where people risk falling from height or training at floor level under extreme activity conditions. The specific type of system used will depend on the particular needs and circumstances of the work being performed.

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Extreme height fall decks

Soft landing decks are used in fire rescue operations, the justice sector, and theatrical and extreme sports.

Hybrid void inflatable deck

The hybrid system eliminates the void and adds a rigid inflatable deck to eliminate the risk of falls.

Air cell landing cushions

Modular decks are used in construction, loading docks and shipping as both fall arrest and void fillers.

Inflatable fall arrest soft landing decks protect personnel and equipment.

If a worker falls, the inflatable fall arrest soft landing deck provides a gentle impact surface, reducing the risk of injuries. Simultaneously, sensitive equipment remains shielded from damage due to the cushioning effect.

Integrating inflatable fall arrest systems when working at heights fosters a safer working environment, elevating the workers’ confidence while on task.

Looking for a non-industrial inflatable fall arrest deck?

Giant Inflatables has a recreational line of Inflatable fall arrest soft landing decks for advertising, promotions and sporting purposes.

A safer environment results in increased productivity

Inflatable fall arrest soft landing decks are ideal for enhancing safety during plant and aircraft maintenance operations. They provide the convenience of inflatables and the critically needed fall protection, creating a reliable platform that mitigates the risk of accidents and injuries.

Inflatable fall arrest decks are rapidly deployed to provide a secure and cushioned surface, offering an expansive work area at height. They are beneficial for aircraft and plant maintenance, where traditional scaffolding might be impractical, labour-intensive and time-consuming.

Fall arrest decks not only absorb impact forces in case of a worker fall, but they also offer a safe landing for tools, parts and equipment. The resulting overall safer environment allows workers out their tasks with increased confidence and efficiency.

Five construction methods for fall arrest systems

Airbag Cushions: These are large, air-filled cushions designed to be placed at the base of a fall zone to cushion the impact of a fall. They are commonly used in construction, correctional and fire services and stunt work.

Inflatable Mats: These are typically smaller than airbag cushions and are designed to be placed on the ground or other surfaces to provide a soft-landing area. They are commonly used in testing facilities, gymnastics and other sports.


Air Tube Systems: These comprise a series of interconnected air tubes forming an air-filled barrier. They can create a protective wall around a work area to prevent falls or accidental slipping from ramped surfaces.

Custom-designed fall, slip, and bump protection systems: These air-inflated devices are designed with a specific hazard or hazardous operation in mind. They often have a hybrid design utilizing airbags, air decks, and drop stitch systems.

Inflatable Fall Arrest Soft Landing Decks:  Provide a stable and safe surface for workers to perform their tasks while offering fall protection in case of an accident.

Fall Arrest Soft Landing

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