Inflatable Portable Workshops

The lightweight construction of inflatable portable workshops makes them highly portable and easy to transport and store when not in use.

The perfect balance of workspace and portability

Inflatable portable shelters provide versatile and easily deployable workspaces in various industries. With their quick setup and spacious interiors, these shelters offer convenience and flexibility for on-site operations.
Our portable shelters provide a secure and weather-resistant workspace, ensuring worker safety and protection from the elements. With their enclosed design, they effectively contain debris and contaminants, maintaining a clean and controlled environment.

Crafted from industrial-grade PVC-coated polyester, Giant Inflatables Industrial mobile workshops are built to withstand demanding conditions, offering exceptional durability and longevity. Their lightweight design ensures easy portability and convenient storage, making them a practical solution for various applications.

Temporary Shelter

The perfect balance of workspace and portability

Agriculture and Industrial: Inflatable workshops serve multiple industrial purposes, including heat sterilization of harvest machinery, work and machine shops, temporary production spaces, and product protection during harvest periods. These versatile structures offer a practical and adaptable solution for various industrial needs, ensuring optimal efficiency and protection in different operational scenarios.

Emergency response: Mobile workshops serve multiple purposes in disaster situations, including as field hospitals, storage units, command centers, and temporary shelters. Their portability and versatility make them invaluable in emergency response and recovery efforts.

Military and defence: Inflatable mobile workshops are widely utilized in the defense industry for field operations, maintenance, training exercises, and storage facilities.


Education: Inflatable mobile workshops are commonly utilized as temporary classrooms or training facilities for on-site exterior training purposes. These versatile structures provide a convenient and adaptable space for educational activities, allowing for efficient and effective training in various industries and settings. 

Sports Teams: Mobile workshops and shelters serve as temporary locker rooms and training facilities for sports teams.

Special Events: Inflatable workshops are versatile solutions for pop-up shops, music venues, and exhibition spaces. 

Entertainment: Inflatable structures offer versatile shelter solutions for events like music festivals, fairs, and outdoor exhibitions, providing customizable seating, shelter, and amenities for attendees. They can also be transformed into temporary restaurants or cafeterias.

Temporary storage: Inflatable workshops serve as temporary structures at harbours, rail depots, and construction sites, providing secure protection for goods against the elements. Their versatility and temporary nature make them an ideal solution for safeguarding valuable assets during transportation and storage.

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As an Australian company based in Melbourne, we take pride in delivering high-quality portable shelters and ensuring a seamless experience for our valued clients.

Inflatable Portable Shelters

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