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Inflatable duct cushions, barriers and plugs are tools many industries use to stop airflow and isolate ducts during maintenance and repairs.
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Inflatable duct cushions are crucial tools employed in industrial environments, particularly in sectors like mining, mineral refining or industrial environments during the repair or cleaning of ducts, shafts, stacks, and large ventilation systems. These barriers serve two essential purposes: containment and safety.

Duct cushions are designed to fit tightly into rectangular, square-shaped or round ductwork, typically made of a flexible and durable material, such as vinyl-coated nylon, polyester, or neoprene.

These inflatable barriers provide a flexible and efficient solution for maintaining cleanliness and safeguarding personnel during repairs, maintenance or cleaning operations. They are inserted into ducts to block the flow of air, which allows for safe and effective work to be carried out in the vent without the risk of exposure to hazardous gasses, injury from falling debris or damage to equipment.

Additionally, by creating an inflatable seal around the area being worked on, they effectively isolate it from the rest of the system, preventing contaminants, dust, or hazardous materials from spreading to other parts of the facility.

Inflatable Duct Cushions are used for the repair and maintenance of:

The advantages and characteristics of inflatable duct barriers or blocking cushions

Flexible and durable material: Duct-blocking cushions and plugs are made of a flexible and durable material such as vinyl-coated nylon, polyester or neoprene that can withstand the pressures of the ductwork and the harsh conditions inside the ducts. The supple materials allow the cushions to be folded tightly and deployed into a duct via a maintenance hole.

Inflatable design: These tools are designed to be inflated with air to expand and create a seal against the inside of the duct. The inflatable design allows them to fit snugly into the ductwork and block the airflow or other gases.

Customizable size and shape: Duct-blocking cushions and plugs are designed to fit any form to fit different types of ductwork. They can be custom-made to suit specific ductwork sizes and shapes, ensuring a secure fit and effective airflow blockage.

Easy installation and removal: Duct-blocking cushions and plugs are easy to install and remove, even with small maintenance holes and access hatches, making them a convenient and cost-effective solution for duct-blocking applications.

Resistance to chemicals and high temperatures: These tools can be designed to resist chemicals and high temperatures, making them suitable for various applications, including systems that handle corrosive or high-temperature gases.

Reusable: Duct-blocking cushions and plugs are reusable, which reduces the cost of owning and maintaining them over time.

Double Block and Bleed Safety System

A double block and bleed setup for confined space working is a safety measure to ensure that a confined space is safe to enter and work in. It involves isolating the confined space from all sources of potential hazards, such as hazardous gases or liquids, using two separate isolation devices. Then a bleed-off is inserted between them to remove any residual pressure or material to ensure that the confined space between the blocking devices is entirely safe.

The first block is created by installing a physical inflatable barrier, such as a duct cushion or Duct plug, to isolate the confined space from the upstream piping or vessel. The second block is created by installing a similar barrier downstream of the first to isolate the confined space from the downstream ducting or vessel. Once the two blocks are in place, the distance between them is bled off to ensure that there is no residual pressure or material in the confined space.

This double block and bleed situation is necessary when working in a confined space and poses a high risk of exposure to hazardous gases or liquids, such as in the oil and gas industry, chemical plants, or wastewater treatment facilities.

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