Ezy Shelter Inflatable Mobile Workshops

Inflatable mobile workshops are practical solutions when rapid deployment, portability and ease of use are a priority.


The Ezy Shelter inflatable mobile workshop is an ingenious Australian-designed solution when you need a secure working area wherever you are. They are constructed from industrial-strength, UV-protected fabrics that exemplify mobility, durability and reliability.

Engineered with precision, they cater to various trades such as carpentry, abrasive blasting, and painting and can be custom-designed to adapt to any trade requirements.

The standout characteristic of these inflatable mobile shelters is their outstanding versatility. Whether indoors or out, they effortlessly retain a dedicated work area, contain the mess and protect the surrounding area from contaminants.

Inflatable Mobile Workshop

Convenience and versatility

Ezy Shelters come in two standard sizes:

7045: 4.5m wide x 7m long | 4530: 3m wide x 4.5m long

The mobile workshops are engineered to fit into a bag, making storage a breeze, while their innovative design enables transportation in even a small vehicle. A single person can easily set up the mobile workshop in minutes, and when the work is complete, the deflation process is just as fast.

Every Ezy Shelter Inflatable Mobile Workshop is custom-made on demand. We will incorporate your business colours and logo to provide maximum exposure for your business, leaving a highly professional brand impression on anyone passing by.

Ezy Shelter Inflatable mobile workshops are ideal for a variety of industries.

Ezy Shelter

Carpentry Workshop: Carpenters require a controlled environment to work efficiently and safely. The Mobile Inflatable Shelter provides them with a dedicated space to carry out tasks like cutting, assembling, and finishing woodwork without worrying about weather conditions or debris spreading.

Bodywork and Auto Repairs: Automotive professionals can transform the Mobile Inflatable Shelter into a portable repair station or paint booth. The shelter keeps dust and contaminants at bay, creating an optimal space for vehicle maintenance, painting, and intricate repairs.

Mobile Painting Booth: Painters professionals can set up in a mobile workshop, protecting their work from wind, dust, and other outdoor elements. The controlled environment ensures that their artwork remains pristine and that paint drying times are consistent.

Abrasive Blasting Workspace: Professionals in abrasive blasting can confidently perform their tasks within the shelter’s confines, preventing abrasive materials from scattering and minimizing exterior exposure to harmful particles. 

Outdoor Event Catering: The Mobile Inflatable Shelter can serve as a versatile space for outdoor event catering. Caterers can set up cooking stations, food preparation areas, and serving counters under the shelter, ensuring food quality and service even in challenging weather conditions.

Construction Site Office: Construction projects often require on-site administrative tasks. The shelter can serve as a comfortable and protected site office, allowing supervisors, engineers, and project managers to oversee operations while being shielded from the elements.

Customer Spotlight:

Queensland Government Air (QGAir) is the air service of the Queensland Government in Australia. QGAir provides air transportation services to support various government activities and agencies. The agency’s essential functions include emergency services support, medical evacuation, law enforcement operations, government personnel transport, marine pilot transfers and environmental monitoring.

QGAir required a mobile abrasive blasting shelter to perform blasting maintenance operations in their hanger and be able to remove the shelter once the maintenance work was complete.

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As an Australian company based in Melbourne, we take pride in delivering high-quality inflatable mobile workshops and ensuring a seamless experience for our valued clients.

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